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Authors  Malak Maamar, Radouanne Fezei, Nebil Souissi, Nizar Bellakhal

Title  Application of Doehlert matrix to determine the optimal conditions of bromothymol blue discoloration with fenton process

Keywords  Bromothymol blue; Fenton process; Discoloration; Experimental design methodology; Doehlert matrix

Authors  Z. Trikia, M. N. Bouaziz, M. Boumaza

Title  Techno-economic analysis of an integrated solar vacuum membrane distillation system for the treatment of reverse osmosis desalination brine

Keywords  Component; Reverse osmosis desalination; Brine disposal; Vacuum membrane distillation; Solar energy; Economic study; Sensitivity analysis

Authors  Dan Chen, Weide Wang, Fan Zhang, Yan Yang, Guangren Qian

Title  Visible-light photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue by H2O2/NiFe2O4 synthesized from wastewater

Keywords  Heavy metal wastewater; Ferrite; Methylene blue; Hydroxyl radicals; Degradation


Authors  Yu-Jie Chang, I-Cheng Chang, Tai-Yi Yu

Title  Spatiotemporal features and delineation of water quality control zones for Taipei Water Resources District with multivariate manners

Keywords  Principal component analysis (PCA); Cluster analysis (CA); River water quality parameters (WQPs)


Authors  Chen-Yu Wang, Chia-Yuan Chang, Hans-U. Dahms, Hong-Thih Lai

Title  Effects of stocking density of tilapia on the performance of a membrane filtration recirculating-aquaponic system

Keywords  Aquaponic; Membrane filtration; Stocking density; Tilapia; Water spinach


Authors  Jongmin Jeon, Jaehak Jung, Joon Young Choi, Jaebum Kim, Suhan Kim

Title  Effect of transmembrane pressure on draw solution channel height and water flux in spiral wound forward osmosis module

Keywords  Forward osmosis; Spiral wound module; Draw solution channel height; Water flux enhancement


Authors  Yongjun Choi, Yongsun Jang, Sangho Lee

Title  Prediction of silica fouling using mathematical model and artificial neural network in a direct contact membrane distillation

Keywords  Membrane distillation; Fouling; Silica; Model; Artificial neural network

Authors  Jiaji Sun, Yangyao Li, Zhupin Wang, Mengsi Ma, Weifang Ma

Title  Effect of biochar on the migration and biodegradation of nitrogen during river-based groundwater recharge with reclaimed water: An indoor experimental study

Keywords  Nitrogen migration and biodegradation; Biochar; Reclaimed water; Groundwater recharge; Microbial community and diversity; Indoor test


Authors  Fei Xu, Xiao-yu Qi, Qiang Kong, Li Shu, Ming-sheng Miao, Shiguo Xu, Yuan-da Du, Qian Wang, Qun Liu, Shuai-shuai Ma

Title  Adsorption of Sunset Yellow by luffa sponge, modified luffa and activated carbon from luffa sponge

Keywords  Luffa sponge; Modification; Activated carbon; Sunset yellow; Adsorption


Authors  I. Dridi, A. Louati, A. Arfaoui, H. Hamrouni, M. Gueddari

Title  Effects of a 25-year application of treated wastewater on soil properties of Cebala-Borj Touil irrigated perimeter (North Tunisia)

Keywords  Semi-arid region; Treated wastewater; Irrigation; Soil properties; Organic matter

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