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IN PRESS Updated September 11, 2017

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Authors  Martina Zele?áková, Ibrahim Alkhalaf, Pavol Purcz, Peter Bliš?an, Pavol Pelikán, Maria Manuela Portela, Artur Tiago Silva

Title  Trends of rainfall as a support for integrated water resources management in Syria

Keywords  Rainfall time series; Mann Kendall test; Trend analysis; Water resources management

Authors  J.R. McConville, E. Kvarnström, H. Jönsson, E. Kärrman, M. Johansson

Title  Is the Swedish wastewater sector ready for a transition to source separation?

Keywords  Innovation; Resource recovery; Source separation; Transition; Wastewater


Authors  Ryusei Ito, Mei Tanie, Ken Ushijima, Dewi Nilawati, Neni Sintawardani, Naoyuki Funamizu

Title  Evaluation of acceptance of a composting toilet prototype for people in slum area in Indonesia

Keywords  Muslim; Feces-urine-water separation; Solid-liquid separator; Acceptance; Interface design


Authors  Hugo Henrique de Simone Souza, Paula Loureiro Paulo, Marc Árpad Boncz

Title  Economic feasibility of, and willingness to pay for a constructed wetland system for residential greywater reuse

Keywords  Gray water; Net present value; Contingent valuation method; Constructed wetland; Willingness to pay; Life cycle assessment; Wastewater treatment


Authors  Yangyu Xu, Lu Zhou, Qibo Jia

Title  Nutrients recovery of source separated urine by forward osmosis and a pilot-scale resources-oriented sanitation system

Keywords  Forward osmosis; Source separation; Resource recovery; Sanitation system; Urine


Authors  A. Di Nardo, M. Di Natale, M. Iervolino, D. Musmarra, G.F. Santonastaso

Title  Convolution integral vs. finite difference for the inverse problem of detection of a contamination source in rivers

Keywords  Smart sensor network; Surface water; Sensors; Contamination; Water protection

Authors  Nassima Djebri, Nadia Boukhalfa, Mokhtar Boutahala, Didier Hauchard, Nacer-Eddine Chelali, Abdelkrim Kahoul

Title  Calcium alginate-organobentonite-activated carbon composite beads as highly effective adsorbent for bisphenol A and 2,4,5-trichlorophenol: kinetics and equilibrium studies

Keywords  Removal; Alginate; Organobentonite; Activated carbon; Composite; Toxic pollutants

Authors  Jyun-Hong Shen, Hung-Yi Chuang, Jao-Jia Horng

Title  Enhanced photocatalytic mechanism of hydroxyl radical formation in the composite reaction of TiO2/oxidant for azo dye degradation

Keywords  Visible light; Oxidant; TiO2; Hydroxyl radical; Photogenerated electron


Authors  Cigdem Yangin-Gomec, Tugba Sapmaz, Shiva Khoei, Idil Arslan-Alaton, Tugba Olmez-Hanci

Title  Behaviour of the X-ray contrast agent iopamidol during anaerobic treatment and effect on biogas production

Keywords  Anaerobic treatment; Biogas; Inhibition; Iopamidol; X-ray contrast agent

Authors  Kyung Mo, Fenghao Cui, Wonbae Lee, Mingyueong Kim, Jihyeon Hwang, Moonil Kim

Title  Removal of organic matter and nutrients from food waste using a combined two-phase anaerobic digester and granular sequencing batch reactor system

Keywords  Anaerobic digestion; Aerobic granular sludge; Biogas; Food waste; Net energy yield


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