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Uche Godwin Aliagha, Firuza Begham Mustafa
Urban lake physicochemical parameters seasonal and vertical variability within the context of ecological disturbance theory
Abstract (53 downloads)

Uche Godwin Aliagha, Firuza Begham Mustafa
Examining seasonality and vertical variability of heavy metals contamination in urban lake Malaysia using discriminant analysis
Abstract (60 downloads)

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Abstract (96 downloads)

Abstract (92 downloads)

European Desalination Society Conference on Desalination for the Environment, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, June 20-23, 2022 Contents of Book of Abstracts
Abstract (93 downloads)

Osumanu Haruna Ahmed, Maru Ali, Rose Abdullah, Ahmed Jalal Khan Chowdhury, Nur Thaqifah Salleh, Adiza Alhassan Musah
Co-application of triple super phosphate and chicken litter biochar improves phosphorus availability of mineral tropical acid soils to reduce water pollution
Abstract (138 downloads)

Mahaad Issa Shammas
Artificial recharge via injection wells for salinity ingress control of Salalah plain aquifer, Sultanate of Oman
Abstract (138 downloads)

Sebastian Kujawiak, Malgorzata Makowska
Wastewater treatment in a hybrid barbotage reactor with continuous aeration
Abstract (159 downloads)

Ghazay F. Alotaibi, Rashed S. Alasmari, Abdullah N. Alzowaid
A review of harmful algal blooms (HABs) and their potential impacts on desalination facilities
Abstract (1090 downloads)

Mesmire Wilson, Ms. Gul Ruk, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf
The role of nanotechnology, based on carbon nanotubes in water and wastewater treatment
Abstract (1223 downloads)

Courtney Powell, Steven J. Duranceau
Nanometer and micrometer particle occurrence in the feed-concentrate channels of a nanofiltration membrane process
Abstract (1221 downloads)

Fei Liu, Xixue Tan, Yunkai Zhang, Jian Zhang
Anti-liquefaction performance of rubber-sand mixture for water treatment
Abstract (1226 downloads)

Waseem Akram, Muhammad Zahid, Ghulam Mustafa, Kamran Akbar, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf
Synthesis and application of molecular imprinted polymers for online monitoring of textile dyes in wastewater
Abstract (1218 downloads)

Yu Song, Xuejun Chen, Jianqiang Wang, Xiang Huang
Shear strength characteristics of cadmium-contaminated red clay following the analysis of dry-wet cycles and water content
Abstract (1218 downloads)

Zeng Ying
Anaerobic-aerobic biodegradation of antibiotic wastewater
Abstract (1218 downloads)

Gang Li, Xiaoming Liu, Zhongqin Yang
Test method of seawater desalination plant based on information fusion
Abstract (1220 downloads)

Lijun Zhang, Kecheng Liu, Jinxing Yu, Hesong Han, Qiu Chen, Chongming Chen
Design of online monitoring system for heavy metal mercury in industrial wastewater based on ZigBee wireless network
Abstract (1486 downloads)

Qingrong Luo, Lin Chen, Fugui Liu
Optimization of denitrification treatment of freshwater aquaculture tail water based on distributed control technology
Abstract (1479 downloads)

Wei Dong, Manjun Xie, Shunhua Zhu, Jianheng Zhang, Jie Yin
Effect of effluent from a sewage treatment plant in Shanghai on the slow flow of the Yangtze River
Abstract (1485 downloads)

Gilbert Randrianarison, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf, John Rigobert Zaonarivelo
The potentiality of Arthrospira platensis microalgal species for mining wastewater bioremediation by biosorption removal of heavy metals (Zn2+, Cu2+, Pb2+, Fe2+)
Abstract (1498 downloads)

Ewa Wysowska, Alicja Kicinska
Assessment of health risks with water consumption in terms of content of selected organic xenobiotics
Abstract (1611 downloads)

Daniel Schroeder, Robert G. Maliva, Thomas M. Missimer
Production aquifer water salinity change impacts on brackish-water reverse osmosis desalination facility process design and operation: The City of Clewiston, Florida
Abstract (1620 downloads)

Fuqiang Wang, Xinli Hou, Heng Zhao, Pingping Kang, Subing Lv
Suitable eco-environmental water requirement in Sanmenxia Reservoir wetland based on 3S technology
Abstract (1725 downloads)

Daniel Schroeder, Ashley Danley-Thomson, Thomas M. Missimer
How feedwater characterization changes effect brackish-water reverse osmosis plant operation: the town of Jupiter, Florida
Abstract (1700 downloads)

Shuang Yang, Jiancheng Chen, Xiuru Wang
Water transfer projects and Water-Energy-Food Nexus governance from the perspective of game theory
Abstract (1824 downloads)

Jan K. Kazak, Szymon Szewranski, Tomasz Pilawka, Katarzyna Tokarczyk-Dorociak, Kamil Janiak, Malgorzata Swiader
Changes in water demand patterns in a European city due to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
Abstract (1830 downloads)

Shengqiang Shen, Bing Ni, Yihao Li, Xiaohua Liu
The effects of Ca2+ and Mg2+ ion concentrations in brine on scaling formation and morphology on metal surfaces
Abstract (1820 downloads)

Malgorzata Makowska, Marcin Spycha?a, Maciej Pawlak
Efficacy and reliability of wastewater treatment technology in small meat plants
Abstract (1826 downloads)

Yongxiao Cao, Jianping Yuan, Huaibin Wei
Relationship between meteorological and hydrological drought in the mountain areas: a study in the upper reaches of Ying River, China
Abstract (1856 downloads)

Zhao-Xian Su, Guo-Xing Zhang, Long Xu, Gong-Han Geng, Yi-Cun Wang, Irfan Ali
Carbon emission performance in logistics in the Yellow River basin
Abstract (1853 downloads)

Gang Xu, Zhen Chen, Mingliang Hu, Shuqi Wang
Hydrodynamic study on horizontal-axis tidal current turbine with coupling motions
Abstract (1863 downloads)

Zhiwen Yang, Pingzhen Zhou
Research on marine pollution detection system based on wireless sensor network
Abstract (1852 downloads)

Li Jia, Lei Huang
Long term effect of biochar on the efficiency of subsurface flow wetland pollutant treatment
Abstract (1864 downloads)

Bo Chen, Hongtao Chen, Hongbao Liang, Zhanheng Ma
Research progress of aging oil dehydration treatment process
Abstract (1871 downloads)

Shihe Zhou, Xinyu Liu, Yin Feng, Yongning Bian, Shengqiang Shen
Parametric study and multi-objective optimization of a combined cooling, desalination and power system
Abstract (1854 downloads)

Daniel W. Schroeder, Weixing Guo, Thomas M. Missimer
Groundwater quality change impacts on a brackish-water reverse osmosis water treatment plant design: the City of Clearwater, Florida
Abstract (1866 downloads)

D. Xevgenos, M. Marcou, V. Louca, E. Avramidi, G. Ioannou, M. Argyrou, P. Stavrou, M. Mortou, F.C. Küpper
Aspects of environmental impacts of seawater desalination: Cyprus as a case study
Abstract (1870 downloads)

Maximilian Waack, Heike Glade, Stephan Nied
Falling film flow characteristics on horizontal tubes and their effects on scale formation in seawater evaporators
Abstract (1858 downloads)

Wlodzimierz Kanownik, Agnieszka Policht-Latawiec, Jolanta Dabrowska
Influence of human activities on water quality in two rural catchments - understanding the drivers and relationships for effective restoration
Abstract (1396 downloads)

Marcin Spychala, Justyna Starzyk, Agnieszka Wolna-Maruwka, Hung Thanh Nguyen
Removal of bacteria and pollutants from low susceptible to bio-decomposition septic tank effluent by non-woven filters
Abstract (1381 downloads)

Ahmed Mohmoud, Fethi Kooli, Yan Liu
Waste of pine seeds as bio-removal agent for methylene blue from aqueous solution: regeneration and single-stage batch design
Abstract (1499 downloads)

Natalie J. Harvey, Danvers E. Johnston, Thomas M. Missimer
Long-term pumping-induced groundwater quality changes at a brackish-water desalination facility, Sanibel Island, Florida
Abstract (1647 downloads)

Kenneth P. Goodboy, Thomas M. Missimer
Evaluation of desalinated seawater vs. filtered raw seawater for heap leach copper extraction on mountaintop mines in arid regions
Abstract (1871 downloads)

R. Gueccia, A.M.M. Alhadidi, A. Cipollina, G. Micale
Donnan dialysis for tap-water softening
Abstract (1874 downloads)

Ahlam F.M. Alsayed, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf
Modified nanofiltration membrane treatment of saline water: a review
Abstract (2585 downloads)

Ng Kah Mun, Radin Maya Saphira Radin Mohamed, Muhammad Safwan Miswan, Adel Al-Gheethi, Amir Hashim Mohd Kassim, Yuichiro Mishima
Phytoremediation efficiencies of Spirodela polyrhiza and Brassica oleracea in removing nutrients from treated sewage effluent
Abstract (2592 downloads)

Mohd Khairul Amri Kamarudin, Noorjima Abd Wahab, Mohd Armi Abu Samah, Nor Bakhiah Baharim, Roslanzairi Mostapa, Roslan Umar, Khairul Nizam Abdul Maulud, Mohd Hariri Arifin, Muhammad Hafiz Md Saad, Siti Nor Aisyah Md Bati
Potential of field turbidity measurements for computation of total suspended solid in Tasik Kenyir, Terengganu, Malaysia
Abstract (2581 downloads)

Wei Li, Zong-kun Li, Wei Ge, Hexiang Zhang
Environmental impact evaluation model of dam breach —considering the uncertainty feature of environment
Abstract (4496 downloads)

Nur Asyikin Ahmad Nazri, Raba’ah Syahidah Azis, Hasfalina Che Man, Abdul Halim Shaari, Norlaily Mat Saiden, Ismayadi Ismail
Equilibrium studies and dynamic behaviour of cadmium adsorption by magnetite nanoparticles extracted from mill scales waste
Abstract (7060 downloads)

Sebastián Herrera-León, Constanza Cruz, Andrzej Kraslawski, Luis A. Cisternas
Current situation and major challenges of desalination in Chile
Abstract (7065 downloads)

Hamidreza Shabgard, Ramkumar Parthasarathy, Ben Xu
Energy and exergy analysis of a novel multiple-effect vapor chamber distillation system for high-salinity wastewater treatment
Abstract (7060 downloads)

Hala Abu Ali, Margaret Baronian, Liam Burlace, Philip A. Davies, Suleiman Halasah, Monther Hind, Abul Hossain, Clive Lipchin, Areen Majali, Maya Mark, Tim Naughton
Off-grid desalination for irrigation in the Jordan Valley
Abstract (7331 downloads)

Rashidi Othman, Wan Syibrah Hanisah Wan Sulaiman, Zainul Mukrim Baharuddin, Lukman Hakim Mahamod, Khairusy Syakirin Has-Yun Hashim
Impact of sandy soil physico-chemical properties towards urban lakes eutrophication and inorganic pollutant status
Abstract (8304 downloads)

Rashidi Othman, Wan Syibrah Hanisah Wan Sulaiman, Zainul Mukrim Baharuddin, Lukman Hakim Mahamod, Khairusy Syakirin Has-Yun Hashim
Influences of laterite soil towards physico-chemical properties and heavy metals concentration in urban lake quality index
Abstract (8350 downloads)

Eva Pajorova, Ladislav Hluchy
Virtual reality of water management in a big town
Abstract (8323 downloads)

Suling Wang, Jinbo Li, Kangxing Dong, Qinghai Yang
Research on the expansion mechanism of hydraulic fracture branching induced by weak bedding shear slip
Abstract (10450 downloads)

Fuchu Dai, Wenping Dong, Zhiquan Huang, Jiahua Lei, Hongying Zhang
Deformation mechanism of Area C landslide in Suijiang, Xiangjiaba Reservoir, Yunnan Province, China
Abstract (10482 downloads)

Mokhtar Guizani, Takeru Maeda, Ryusei Ito, Naoyuki Funamizu
Engineering of size-controlled magnetic nanoparticles for use as a draw solution in a forward osmosis process
Abstract (10518 downloads)

Mokhtar Guizani, Megumi Saito, Ryusei Ito, Naoyuki Funamizu
Combined FO and RO system for the recovery of energy from wastewater and the desalination of seawater
Abstract (10514 downloads)

Yu Qin, Zhengmian Liu, Zhe Li, Boxiao Yang
The properties of CO2 and CH4 fluxes across water-air interface at the Three Gorges Reservoir, the mainstream of Yangtze River from Zhutuo to Wanzhou, China
Abstract (10527 downloads)

Bo Wang, Tianyu Fan, Mengqi Liu, Fuqiang Wang, Xiangtian Nie
Evaluation of management level of water conservancy construction supervision unit based on variable weight fuzzy theory
Abstract (10527 downloads)

Qigen Deng, Hao Wang, Xifa Wu, Jingping Yin, Tao Zhang, Mingju Liu
Thermal simulation experiment and research on the system of coal/coal and water/coal and water and MgSO4/coal and water and CaSO4
Abstract (10483 downloads)

Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf, Khaled S. Balkhair, Ahmad Jalal Khan Chowdhury, Marlia Mohd Hanafiah
Treatment of Taman Beringin landfill leachate using the column technique
Abstract (10490 downloads)

Fei Yin, Guofan Yang, Mengdong Yan, Qimeng Xie
Application of multispectral remote sensing technology in water quality monitoring
Abstract (10481 downloads)

Jun Yuan, Weizhi Feng, Xingming Jang, Jingli Wang
Saline-alkali migration in soda saline soil based on sub-soiling technology
Abstract (10481 downloads)

Yijun Liu, Ziwen Zhang, Yang Li, Tie Liu, Wujian Ye, Shaowei Weng
Monitoring and scheduling of pollution disaster in agricultural waters based on INSAR
Abstract (10484 downloads)

Feng Yan, Zhiguang Niu
Evaluation model of major heavy metals pollution factors in coastal waters and sediments
Abstract (10486 downloads)

Zhengong Tong
The treatment of micro-polluted source waters by micro-vortex clarification
Abstract (10473 downloads)

Manqiu Hao, Cheng Gao, Dong Sheng, Dandan Qing
Review of the influence of low-impact development practices on mitigation of flood and pollutants in urban areas
Abstract (10490 downloads)

Jianhua Xiong, Tianyu Zhao, Hao Cheng, Shilong Li, Shuangfei Wang, Guoning Chen
The assessment on the heavy metal pollution and health risks in the Liujiang River under the Xijiang River region
Abstract (10482 downloads)

Huaibin Wei, Jun-e Zhang, Shailesh Kumar Singh, Mingna Wang
Response of hydrological system to urbanization: a case study in Tianjin City, China
Abstract (10480 downloads)

Zhigong Peng, Baozhong Zhang, Yu Liu, Zhuping Sheng
Estimation of regional water-saving potential using remotely sensed evapotranspiration data
Abstract (10486 downloads)

Jie Yang, Pengqiang Cao, Yulan Gao, Rusheng Jia, Youxiao Tu, Yuezan Tao
Influence of mine drainage on regional groundwater of Shilou iron mine in Huaibei City, Anhui Province, China
Abstract (10471 downloads)

Marlia M. Hanafiah, Nor Fadillah Ghazali, Siti Norliyana Harun, Hayder Saadoon Abdulaali, Mahmood J. AbdulHasan, Mohd Khairul Amri Kamarudin
Assessing water scarcity in Malaysia: a case study of rice production
Abstract (10483 downloads)

Mohd Khairul Amri Kamarudin, Aliyu Muhammad Nalado, Mohd Ekhwan Toriman, Hafizan Juahir, Roslan Umar, Azimah Ismail, Noorjima Abd Wahab, Muhammad Hafiz Md Saad, Khairul Nizam Maulud, Marlia Mohd Hanafiah, Ahmad Shakir Mohd Saudi, Hazamri Harith
Evolution of river geomorphology to water quality impact using remote sensing and GIS technique
Abstract (10529 downloads)

Mohd Khairul Amri Kamarudin, Nur Hishaam Sulaiman, Noorjima Abd. Wahab, Mohd Ekhwan Toriman, Marlia Mohd Hanafiah, Roslan Umar, Abdul Rahman Hassan, Mohd Hafiz Rosli, Mohd Armi Abu Samah, Hazamri Harith
Impact of Malaysia major flood to river geomorphology changes and total suspended solid using GIS technique
Abstract (10556 downloads)

Noorjima Abd Wahab, Mohd Khairul Amri Kamarudin, Mohd Ekhwan Toriman, Hafizan Juahir, Muhammad Hafiz Md Saad, Frankie Marcus Ata, Adiana Ghazali, Abdul Rahman Hassan, Hanif Abdullah, Khairul Nizam Maulud, Marlia Mohd Hanafiah, Hazamri Harith
Sedimentation and water quality deterioration problems at Terengganu River Basin, Terengganu, Malaysia
Abstract (10541 downloads)

Muhammad Mansoor Shaikh, Awadh AlSuhaimi, Marlia Mohd Hanafiah, Solhe F. Alshahateet
Release of organic contaminants migrating from polyvinyl chloride polymeric into drinking water under three successive stagnant periods of time
Abstract (10500 downloads)

Lin Zhang, Yigang Wang, Dake Chen, Cheng Chen
Prediction and correction of scaling effects on velocity profile in hydraulic laboratory experiments
Abstract (10512 downloads)

Mohan Kumar Manikam, Azhar Abdul Halim, Marlia M. Hanafiah, Renga Rao Krishnamoorthy
Removal of ammonia nitrogen, nitrate, phosphorus and COD from sewage wastewater using palm oil boiler ash composite adsorbent
Abstract (10491 downloads)

Loay T.A. Salama, Khaled Z. Abdalla
Design and analysis of a solar photovoltaic powered seawater reverse osmosis plant in the southern region of the Gaza Strip
Abstract (10558 downloads)

Andras Jozsef Toth, Eniko Haaz, Tibor Nagy, Ariella Janka Tarjani, Daniel Fozer, Anita Andre, Nora Valentinyi, Peter Mizsey
Novel method for the removal of organic halogens from process wastewaters enabling water reuse
Abstract (10796 downloads)

Mohamed N. Gomaa, Mansour A. Al-Hazmi, Hatem E. Mohamed, David J. Mulla, Imen Hannachi, Kamel M. Sheikho, Ahmed M. Abouwarda, Essam A.H. Mostafa, Wayne W. Carmichael
A model to predict HAB occurrence near desalination plants in the Red Sea
Abstract (10736 downloads)

Ewa Laskowska, Marian Turek, Krzysztof Mitko, Piotr Dydo
Concentration of mine saline water in high-efficiency hybrid RO-NF system
Abstract (10726 downloads)

Anna Kwieci?ska, Mateusz Kochel, Katarzyna Rychlewska, Jan Figa
The use of ultrafiltration in enhancement of chemical coke oven wastewater treatment
Abstract (10737 downloads)

Katarzyna Rychlewska, Anna Kwiecinska, Mateusz Kochel, Jan Figa
The use of polymeric and ceramic ultrafiltration in biologically treated coke oven wastewater polishing
Abstract (10705 downloads)

Zhongpei Liu, Wanhua Yuan, Yuping Han, Dongqing Zhang, Jianxun Liu
Hydrochemical evolution mechanism of groundwater in the People’s Victory Canal Irrigation District, China
Abstract (10723 downloads)

Lan Hee Kim, Maria Nava-Ocampo, Mark C.M. van Loosdrecht, Joop C. Kruithof, Johannes S. Vrouwenvelder
The membrane fouling simulator: development, application, and early-warning of biofouling in RO treatment
Abstract (10718 downloads)

Yu-qiao Long, Ting-ting Cui, Wei Li, Yong-wei Gai
A geostatistical approach to groundwater pollution source identification considering first order reaction
Abstract (10933 downloads)

Zhuoyu Xie, Yongbing Huang, Yang Cao, Lili Lin, Min Huang
Electrochemical desorption of high-iron manganese ore
Abstract (10886 downloads)

Qingliang Chang, Xikui Sun, Huaqiang Zhou, Xianyuan Shi
A multivariate matrix model of analysing mine water bursting and its application
Abstract (10922 downloads)

W. Zhang, K. Blum, M. Gros, L. Ahrens, H. Jernstedt, K. Wiberg, P.L. Andersson, B. Björlenius, G. Renman
Removal of micropollutants and nutrients in household wastewater using organic and inorganic sorbents
Abstract (10914 downloads)

ZhenHua Li, ZhiHong Zou, Xiaojing Wang
Energy efficiency evaluation for wastewater treatment plant
Abstract (10926 downloads)

Chengcai Zhang, He Huang, Ying Li
Analysis of water accumulation in urban street based on DEM generated from LiDAR data
Abstract (10891 downloads)

Zhigong Peng, Baozhong Zhang, Di Xu, Jiabing Cai
Optimization of irrigation schedule based on the response relationship of water consumption and yield for winter wheat in North China Plain
Abstract (10949 downloads)

Liu Yang, Xue Bai, Nina Zheng Khanna, Sooyeon Yi, Yinjie Hu, Jun Deng, Haoran Gao, Lanhe Tuo, Shijie Xiang, Nan Zhou
Water evaluation and planning (WEAP) model application for exploring the water deficit at catchment level in Beijing
Abstract (10903 downloads)

Yijie Zhang, Zhenjie Yang, Haolin Yang, Shiyu Song, Wenqi Xu, Lingqiong Kong, Yang Yu
Effects of different drip irrigation patterns on water distribution in potted Yunnan red loam and yellow-sand soil and pepper growth
Abstract (10984 downloads)

Khaled S. Balkhair, Amjad Masood, Mansour Almazroui, Khalil Ur Rahman, Omar A. Bamaga, Ahmed S. Kamis, Iqbal Ahmed, Mohammed I. Al-Zahrani, K. Hesham
Groundwater share quantification through flood hydrographs simulation using two temporal rainfall distributions
Abstract (11019 downloads)

Subing Lü, Huan Yang, Fuqiang Wang, Pingping Kang
HR water consumption marginal benefits and its spatial-temporal disparities in Henan Province, China
Abstract (11032 downloads)

Bing Zhang, Hanliang Fu
Effect of guiding policy on urban residents’ behavior to use recycled water
Abstract (10988 downloads)

Anna Trusek-Holownia, Jagoda Ciereszko
Solids removal from Balneo peat extracts
Abstract (10986 downloads)

Mohamed N. Gomaa, Imen Hannachi, Wayne W. Carmichael, Mansour A. Al-Hazmi, Ahmed M. Abouwarda, Essam A.H. Mostafa, Hatem E. Mohamed, Kamel M. Sheikho, David J. Mulla
Low diversity triggers harmful algae bloom (HAB) occurrence adjacent to desalination plants along the Red Sea
Abstract (11068 downloads)

Fuqiang Wang, Meiqi Sun, Subing Lü, Zuhao Zhou
Analysis of spatial-temporal evolution of agricultural drought based on regional agricultural drought index
Abstract (11031 downloads)

Muhammad Mansoor Shaikh, Awadh O. AlSuhaimi, Marlia M. Hanafiah, Muhammad Aqeel Ashraf, Siti Norliyana Harun
Study on migration of phenolic and volatile organic compounds from plastic pipes used in plumbing home networks into tap water
Abstract (11048 downloads)

Hassan Mohammed Ali Alssgeer, Muhammad Barzani Gasim, Marlia M. Hanafiah, Elhadi Ramadan Ali Abdulhadi, Azman Azid
GIS-based analysis of water quality deterioration in the Nerus River, Kuala Terengganu Malaysia
Abstract (11027 downloads)

Zhigang Liu, Qinchao Xu
Wetting patterns estimation in cultivation substrates under drip irrigation
Abstract (11035 downloads)

Nurul Syahidah Zafisah, Wei Lun Ang, Daniel James Johnson, Abdul Wahab Mohammad, Nidal Hilal
Effect of different filter aids used in cake filtration process on the removal of suspended solids in anaerobically digested palm oil mill effluent (POME)
Abstract (11050 downloads)

Taewan Kim
Frontier between medium and large break loss-of-coolant accidents of pressurized water reactor
Abstract (11031 downloads)

Huaibin Wei, Yimin Wang, Mingna Wang
Characteristic and pattern of urban water cycle: theory
Abstract (11072 downloads)

Chao Yan, Tingting Du, Shuangshuang Yan, Shoukun Dong, Zhenping Gong, Zhongxue Zhang
Changes in the inorganic nitrogen content of the soil solution with rice straw retention in northeast China
Abstract (11086 downloads)

Yubin Zhang, Zhengying Wei, Qiyin Lin, Lei Zhang, Jing Xu
MBD of grey prediction fuzzy-PID irrigation control technology
Abstract (11070 downloads)

Jia Wang, He Gao, Chundong Lv
Analysing the influence of different street vegetation on particulate matter dispersion using microscale simulations
Abstract (11054 downloads)

Xuesong Yan, Kewei Yang, Chengyu Hu, Wenyin Gong
Pollution source positioning in a water supply network based on expensive optimization
Abstract (11051 downloads)

Jiading Wang, Ping Li, Yan Ma, Tonglu Li
Influence of irrigation method on the infiltration in loess: field study in the Loess Plateau
Abstract (11065 downloads)

Fuqiang Wang, Ruijia Zhang, Pingping Kang, Heng Zhao
An evaluation of the ecological security of the Dongting Lake, China
Abstract (11037 downloads)

Zhengong Tong
Micro-eddy coagulation mechanism and its application in water purification plants
Abstract (11078 downloads)

Almotasembellah Abushaban, M. Nasir Mangal, Sergio. G. Salinas-Rodriguez, Chidiebere Nnebuo, Subhanjan Mondal, Said A. Goueli, Jan C. Schippers, Maria D. Kennedy
Direct measurement of ATP in seawater and application of ATP to monitor bacterial growth potential in SWRO pre-treatment systems
Abstract (11184 downloads)

H. Sanawar, A. Siddiqui, Sz.S. Bucs, N.M. Farhat, M.C.M. van Loosdrecht, J.C. Kruithof, J.S. Vrouwenvelder
Applicability of short-term accelerated biofouling studies to predict long-term biofouling accumulation in reverse osmosis membrane systems
Abstract (11189 downloads)

J.R. McConville, E. Kvarnström, H. Jönsson, E. Kärrman, M. Johansson
Is the Swedish wastewater sector ready for a transition to source separation?
Abstract (11220 downloads)

Stephan Wasielewski, Carlo Gottardo Morandi, Karen Mouarkech, Ralf Minke, Heidrun Steinmetz
Impacts of blackwater co-digestion on biogas production in the municipal wastewater treatment sector using pilot-scale UASB and CSTR reactors
Abstract (11237 downloads)

A. Siddiqui, I. Pinel, E.I. Prest, Sz.S. Bucs, M.C.M. van Loosdrecht, J.C. Kruithof, J.S. Vrouwenvelder
Application of DBNPA dosage for biofouling control in spiral wound membrane systems
Abstract (11268 downloads)

Hanna Jaroszek, Wojciech Mikolajczak, Mariusz Nowak, Bozenna Pisarska
Comparison of the applicability of selected anion-exchange membranes for production of sulfuric acid by electro-electrodialysis
Abstract (11512 downloads)

Rodrigo Poblete, Guray Salihoglu, Nezih Kamil Salihoglu
Investigation of the factors influencing the efficiency of a solar still combined with a solar collector
Abstract (11351 downloads)

MaryTheresa M. Pendergast, Marek S. Nowosielski-Slepowron, John Tracy
Going big with forward osmosis
Abstract (11354 downloads)

Thomas M. Missimer, Kim Choon Ng, Kyaw Thuw, Muhammad Wakil Shahzad
Geothermal electricity generation and desalination: an integrated process design to conserve latent heat with operational improvements
Abstract (11292 downloads)

Lukasz Janczewski, Anna Trusek-Holownia
Biofilm-based membrane reactors – selected aspects of the application and microbial layer control
Abstract (11339 downloads)

Abdullah H.A. Dehwah, Khan Z. Jadoon, Samir Al-Mashharawi, Thomas M. Missimer
Effects of nearshore evaporation rates on the design of seabed gallery intake systems for SWRO facilities located along the Red Sea shoreline of Saudi Arabia
Abstract (11324 downloads)

L. Dvorák, M. Gómez, J. Dolina, A. Cernín
Anaerobic membrane bioreactors - a mini review with emphasis on industrial wastewater treatment: applications, limitations and perspectives
Abstract (11349 downloads)

Shila Jafari, Bahareh Yahyaei, Ewelina Kusiak-Nejman, Mika Sillanpää
The influence of carbonization temperature on the modification of TiO2 in the removal of methyl orange from aqueous solution by adsorption
Abstract (11297 downloads)

Ryan Drendel, Kristoph D. Kinzli, Andy Koebel, Thomas M. Missimer
Management of BWRO systems using long-term monitoring of feed water quality to avoid future membrane process failure
Abstract (11377 downloads)

Artis Robalds, Liga Dreijalte, Oskars Bikovens, Maris Klavins
A novel peat-based biosorbent for the removal of phosphate from synthetic and real wastewater and possible utilization of spent sorbent in land application
Abstract (11303 downloads)

Thipsuree Kornboonraksa
Using tertiary-treated municipal wastewater as makeup water by reverse osmosis membrane
Abstract (11300 downloads)

Junhee Hong, Wanhee Lee, Joon Ha Kim, Jongwook Kim, Ieryung Park, Dongsoo Har
Smart water grid: desalination water management platform
Abstract (11317 downloads)

D.A. Xevgenos, K. Moustakas, D. Malamis, M. Loizidou
An overview on desalination and sustainability: renewable energy-driven desalination and brine management
Abstract (11191 downloads)

Bozena Lozowicka, Magdalena Jankowska, Ewa Rutkowska
Investigations on fungicide removal from broccoli by various processing methods
Abstract (11289 downloads)

K. Minas, E. Karunakaran, T. Bond, C. Gandy, A. Honsbein, M. Madsen, J. Amezaga, A. Amtmann, M.R. Templeton, C.A. Biggs, L. Lawton
Biodesalination: an emerging technology for targeted removal of Na+ and Cl- from seawater by cyanobacteria
Abstract (11319 downloads)

Seung Won Lee, Sarper Sarp, Dong Jin Jeon, Joon Ha Kim
Smart water grid: the future water management platform
Abstract (11278 downloads)

D. Xevgenos, P. Michailidis, K. Dimopoulos, M. Krokida, M. Loizidou
Design of an innovative vacuum evaporator system for brine concentration assisted by software tool simulation
Abstract (11263 downloads)

D. Xevgenos, A. Vidalis, K. Moustakas, D. Malamis, M. Loizidou
Sustainable management of brine effluent from desalination plants: the SOL-BRINE system
Abstract (11290 downloads)

Karima Belaroui, Houria Djediai, Hanane Megdad
The influence of soil, hydrology, vegetation and climate on desertification in El-Bayadh region (Algeria)
Abstract (11330 downloads)

O.T. Can
COD removal from fruit-juice production wastewater by electrooxidation electrocoagulation and electro-Fenton processes
Abstract (11419 downloads)

H. Abdallah, A. El-Gendi, E. El-Zanati,T. Matsuura
Pervaporation of methanol from methylacetate mixture using polyamide-6 membrane
Abstract (11223 downloads)

Chandran Prince Jebadass Isaac, A. Sivakumar
Removal of lead and cadmium ions from water using Annona squamosa shell: kinetic and equilibrium studies
Abstract (11229 downloads)

R.M. Mohamed, I.A. Mkhalid, M. Abdel Salam, M.A. Barakat
Zeolite Y from rice husk ash encapsulated with Ag-TiO2: characterization and applications for photocatalytic degradation catalysts
Abstract (11293 downloads)

Nayereh Niroomand, Majid Amidpour
New combination of solar chimney for power generation and seawater desalination
Abstract (11247 downloads)

A.K. Sethi, V.K. Dwivedi
Exergy analysis of double slope active solar still under forced circulation mode
Abstract (11240 downloads)

Mohamed A. Sharaf Eldean, H.E. Fath
Exergy and thermo-economic analysis of solar thermal cycles powered multi-stage flash desalination process
Abstract (11283 downloads)

Etienne Brauns
Finite elements based 2D theoretical analysis of the effect of IEX membrane thickness and salt solution residence time on the ion transport within a salinity gradient power reverse electrodialysis half cell pair
Abstract (11267 downloads)

M.N. Abu Seman, Nidal Hilal, M. Khayet
UV-photografting modification of NF membrane surface for NOM fouling reduction
Abstract (11250 downloads)

Ming-Chien Su, Nien-Hsin Kao, Wen-Chun Huang
Engineering application of MBR in treating the fiberglass wastewater
Abstract (11284 downloads)

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